Loading a GLB allocates all available memory then fails (inlcuding SandBox)

I have a 180 MB glb file and have issues with even getting it into sandbox. It allocates all the memory available and after that it fails to load. I’ve managed to get it working but I had to free some memory and the peak memory usage by Chrome was 16 GB, lol

The glb renders well in the Win10 3D Viewer and it can be loaded into Win10 3D Paint as well.

Is (maybe) this a known issue with glb or is this a BJS bug? Cyclic references or something like that? Any ideas?

Unfortunatelly I was not allowed to share the glb with the BJS team :frowning:

Thank you!

This definitely looks like a bug to me adding @bghgary

Could you share the model in PM with @bghgary ?

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That’s the problem here. We can’t share the model because of the company security policy but just had a call with my boss and he agreed to share an obfuscated version of one floor of the building. I think, the textures are the problem so I will create a stripped down model which is still making trouble. Will get back to you. Thanks!

EDIT: Had another call from the boss and I can share some more :slight_smile: So I’m sending the link to @bghgary


Perfect, thanks a lot !!! and thanks your boss for us :slight_smile:

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The model has an issue. It has 112 4k textures. Even the small textures are defined as 4k and WebGL can handle it but at a very high memory cost.
Thanks for @bghgary for pointing this out.