Loading large files on mobile causes error

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In this PlayGround I am importing a rather large glb file (~20MB) and it causes errors when initially loading on mobile devices. I used different laptops, and it worked, but on all the mobile devices I tried it on, it fails to load. I am 99.99% sure that the problem lies in the file size. Can anyone confirm this for me? Is there an official limit for mobile use of some sort? Does this mean larger projects can only be imported in peaces (as multiple smaller models that can be combined to one larger model)?

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There isn’t any official limit, as this is highly dependent on hardware, internet speeds, etc, and this can vary a lot. For what’s worth, I tested your page here on my Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is a fairly beefy phone, and it loaded without a hitch.

Besides the total size of the model, the fewer textures and the smaller they are, the better. As a general rule most phones don’t seem to handle textures over 4k, and I’d stay at 2k or less. Which can be hard if you have a lot of stuff to texture, so maybe you can consider generating some textures procedurally as then you don’t need to transmit that data.

If you want your project to be usable on mobile, then breaking down loading into smaller files is definitely recommended. And also, having different levels of quality for your assets that the user can select is good for the experience too. Even if you break the model into smaller files, loading 20MB total of assets might be too much for people with limited internet plans.

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