Logarithmic Depth Buffer for ParticleSystemSet?

Hello all,

I’m working on a project and I’m looking for a way to use Logarithmic depth buffers for the materials used in a ParticleSystemSet. As I have things setup now I’m using a SPS and I’m trying to keep it pickable. To keep the frame rate up i’m using a mix of “billboard = true” for the preview stars, and then when you get close to the star, i slap a lensflare on it and spawn a ParticleSystem (localstar). Each unit of xyz is one Km.

The problem i’m finding now is that if I up the maxZ on the cam to get the localstar to be visible, the Picking on the SPS stops working…

Was thinking there might be a way to enable Logarithmic Depth Buffer for Particles and then I can have better looking localstars, and a pickable SPS.

PG setup with some of the problems.

the demo app with SPS is at https://globular-demo.at.damnserver.com/

As SPS relies on normal materials, I guess you should be able to simply set useLogarithmicDepth = true on the material ?

Adding @jerome who build the SPS system to know if he is got any other ideas ?

The SPS is a mesh, so all the mesh features should work exactly the same.


true, and it worked nice on the SPS, it feels like more of Big camera.maxZ will cause registered actions not working · Issue #2676 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

From playing with the maxZ, I found that the picking brakes at maxZ values > 33554432

Odd that it is 2^25 after that it stops picking.

The other part was fixed by setting isVisible = false on the emitter’s

Thank you.