ParticleSystem blend question

when i set material useLogarithmicDepth=true,the ParticleSystem blend not correct
this is pg

What exactly is incorrect? Not sure I get it.

this is right result

Is this anyhow related to your other topic

Like you are trying to fix this issue of having your rain effect along a cone, using logarithmicDepth… Because, if so I can tell you straight that this will not solve your problem.
I will try to explain the different issues you are having with your ‘rain effect’ in your other topic.

Else, for me the depth sorter works fine and does what it is supposed to do.

This is just a phenomenon I found during normal use, is this phenomenon normal, for the engine

Oh, apologies, I see. Well, I guess it’s just an engine default, pushing the particles on the lower layer.
It can be easily fixed with something like ‘renderingGroupID’

Whether this default behavior is intended or not, I don’t know.
You can post an admin if you want to get an answer on this.

It is expected as you only have one material set to useLogarithmicDepth. So far the framework does not support useLogarithmicDepth for particles and it is something we could add for our next release if it helps, but I am not sure it would be the case here ?

Same problem when you turn to the other side

This problem is just discovered by me by accident, there may be some scenes that require materials which needs useLogarithmicDepth and particle systems

Well, you just got your answer from @sebavan. Quickly tried and it seems it also doesn’t work with layerMask (understandably, since it’s not handled for particles :wink:. So far, nobody complained and I never realized this because I simply never used it. May be worth implementing but I (personally) can understand that there would be may be more important things to take care of for the upcoming release of v5 BJS.