Long live the GUI Editor

Dear fellow BJSers,

When it comes to posting our mood and feedback on something, we are all the same, yes?
We tend to simply spot the small issue, the bug, the part of our UX that has been frustrating in our overall experience.

I have opened a new thread in ‘feature requests’ with feedback about my experience and desire/expectations for the new 'GUI Editor’. I didn’t use filters. I provided my experience (mostly the bad part) as I felt on the moment.

But then, what about sharing all the good parts of the experience. Obviously, I wouldn’t take the time to identify and share the problems or my ‘nice to have’ on the tool if I thought this tool is not worth this effort, yes?

So, let me praise the GUI Editor for the best parts of it and the things that cought my attention and interest:

  1. The fact that you can copy/paste a parent/container with all children, reparent it, re-use and tweak it elsewhere is a beautiful feature. It’s even faster and easier than doing it with code.

  2. The tree/hierarchy of all GUI elements, that accounts parenting and the z-index in a seamless way is a joy to work with, sketch and next organize your GUI.

  3. The immutable snippet server links (same as for NME) makes it just that ez to save and next share your progress.

  4. The versatility with instant result of the tool that made me discover things I would not have thought of (even after 30months of working the GUI with code). Like parenting a grid to a grid? A grid is a container, meaning you can add a new grid to any cell of a parent grid. Obvious, when you think of it. Seing it visually and instantly is just so much easier than analysing the code and components to understand if yes or no.

Overall, the GUI Editor, despite of its early-version problems, is really a great and very promising tool for both sketching and finalizing a GUI for productivity.

Please share your XP with the GUI Editor in my thread (or a new thread) and let us all together make this tool the next unique advantage of creating a scene with BJS.

Thanks for the reading and have All a great day :sunglasses:


Your feedback and experience are invaluable for the community, both the good and bad ones! Thank you so much for helping us grow always :heart:
See the source image

Love that post! Also I want to insist on the fact that the GUI Editor is fully OSS so any contribution is welcome to make it even better!

We can use all the help the community can provide :wink:

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