Looking for someone to develop transparency material (and later glitter effect)

the task would then be: given the an .obj model:

  1. split model mesh into two meshes: frame (opaque) and lens (transparent)
  2. add alpha channel to lens texture
  3. create BabylonJS script to view model with lens transparency, providing an Arc Rotate camera view to be able to rotate around the model
  4. the frame itself is glossy and has micro glitter (like the mug in one of the post –Looking for someone to develop a Glitter shader effect)

script should be runnable in a babylonjs sandbox environment, but the script should not be publicly accessible

Please contact at oh@theohzoneinc.com


hi and welcome to the forum
how are you
for short time task you can make it in question category and i freely like do challenge for babylonjs developers
but about this task you send me the Obj thanks :slight_smile:

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I am a newbie on this forum. So do you want me to move this topics to question category? A challenge would be fun!
Here is the obj file.

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not need for this :slight_smile: thanks i let you know what can i do

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  1. in the .obj of the sunglasses model, split the faces into two meshes: the sunglass frame (opaque) and the sunglass lens (semi-transparent). Add an alpha channel to the texture, set initially to 0.5

  2. write a babylonJS script with the following scene: the sunglass model in the center of the view, with an arc rotate camera view that auto-rotates the view at 1 full rotation/20 seconds, and allows for user override to manually rotate around the object. The babylonJS material shader should be set to display the sunglass frame as opaque (no alpha), and then the lens as semi-transparent (with alpha).

The lens is semitransparent, and the frame is glossy with sparkle (not shown very well in our photos). It looks like the sparkle mug, photo included.

Here are the photos…


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Are you able to access the Gdrive photos? Here are 2 directories