Need BabylonJs PBRMaterial/lighting expert

We’re a team working on a product using BBjs. The product is a very simple 3D scene in a React application with very little amount of meshes in it (like 7 meshes at most). However these meshes come from Maya and should look amazing.

While we know we can’t load these assets on WebGL and expect them to look as beautiful as on a Maya render, we want to achieve a result as similar as our maya render.
Things we need help with:

  • Handling transparency on meshes
  • Handling glowlayers;
  • Making textures pop (lighting and other material settings).

More specifically our issues are:

  • Colors and lighting don’t look amazing (need more pop)
  • When implementing transparency, the glowLayers either don’t work or display through the mesh.[EDIT: FIXED]
  • Glowlayers don’t look amazing

If you have a bit of experience with MaterialPlugin and shaders that’s a massive bonus.

The company is
Send me your rate and maybe some examples of your experience to (BBjs Playground you made are fine).
Sorry for the informal request, I can give you more information via Email if needed.

Thank you


Wow! your web is amazing!

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Not sure if I’m an expert (it’s not mine to tell) but from the reading above I believe I could give you a hand with the issues mentionned.
May be for the glowlayer you could already take a quick look at this recent post (among others).
I also have xp with everything related to materials and lighting. I guess I could fix your colors and transparency issues. Although I don’t know about your expectations and the art direction.
Currently I’m working on a scene that is nearly all based on alpha blended materials. Here a couple of SS (wip). The env is not yet the correct env and most materials are WIP (but they are all custom, full PBR and from BJS only)

Let me know if you want me to have a look at it. In case, you can PM me.

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@Benjythebee would be great if your website was Babylon :slight_smile:

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hey there

I dont have time to help you myself sorry but let me chime in a little here,

I know you did outline some things. Glowlayers do have limitations as well as transparency

For the material pop you mention ,

Perhaps you should isolate a single asset or two showing the offline rendered mockup of them and then show comparison screenshots of the models in real time side by side?

because pop could mean several things but im guessing it is mostly the lack of contrasts that offline rendering produces , shadows and indirect lighting etc. The lack of this in realtime will cause surfaces to look flat. For that you will have to use pre baked images like lightmaps and AO maps for best results.

Post process SSAO in Babylon could help as well but has a impact on performance on lower end devices.

anyway , im sure someone will be able to help you get better results.

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It looks amaizing
I really wanna work with you
I’m a webgl(babylon) expert with +7 years of experience

Please contact me if it’ still available

Skype: live:.cid.9df16e9024946593
discord: Paradise#9793
telegram: Telegram: Contact @JsonHoward