Loops in rope: how do I apply soft body physics?

The documentation for RopeImpostor, states that the impostor should be used on a line or extrude with a straight path.

What happens if the path is not straight?
For example, how would I apply an imposter on a pretzel shaped path?

If the pretzel shaped rope had a collection of linear impostors would that work?

Next questions being:

  1. Is it possible to assign multiple impostors to a single mesh?
  2. Is it possible to assign an impostor to a section of the rope mesh?

Essentially, I’m trying to apply soft body physics to various loops and knots in rope.


Adding @Cedric in case he has some inputs about this one.

You can set any shape path as an impostor. depending on connections, not sure it will keep its shape.
If you set a mesh with multiple impostors, only 1 mesh will be visible. Moreover, self collision might send your mesh to the moon at the speed of light. Try to clone and separate both instances before setting their impostor up.
AFAIK, it’s not possible to assign a section of the rope mesh.