Physics MeshImpostor can't work and RopeImpostor collision not good at AmmoJS Plugin

Hi guys:
I made a test on PG that I want to know how rope physics works, and how rope work on the Mesh Colliders. we can click these two gray cube drag to move rope both ends.
following is a screenshot of the test:

I have some questions:

  1. why does rope go through the Mesh Collider surfaces when I drag fast?
  2. why I can’t using MeshImpostor on my .glb file’s internal meshes?
  3. I think RopeImpostor never colliding with MeshImpostor? how should I do?

there is my test on pg:

Hello and welcome!

I’m not as familiar with Ammo so I’ll leave the rope questions to @Cedric, but the reason the mesh impostors weren’t being created on the glb meshes is that you were passing this.scene (which doesn’t exist) as the last parameter of the impostor, instead of scene (which exists). Here’s a corrected version: Soft Body Example | Babylon.js Playground (

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Rope impostor is made a small sphere linked together. as with other physics object, if moved fast enough, collision doesn’t get detected. Increase step count to remediate the issue.

What do you mean for 3?
It looks like there is collision

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I didn’t had any sucess with complex meshes.
When I carefully worked on the basic graphics the collisions looked good.

yes, I imagine it can be wrong with sharp angles. Rope has a discretized resolution with continuous geometry, this can be a problem.
If you make the rope thick enough, problem can be hidden a little more.