Low FPS when using ActionManager in React Native


So I’m working on changing from my custom solution to the actionmanager, but even if I have no actions tied to it it’s eating a lot of fps. Especially on my iPhone X it becomes very noticeably choppy, it’s fine in the simulator but you notice it a lot on the actual devices.
Is this a bug? Or should I be implementing this differently? What could be causing the stutter?

I know it’s also possible to add the actionmanager to the scene, but with my setup it would be ideal if I could have them attached to the objects in the scene that need to react to clicks.

Here’s a repro, this will work fine in an emulator, but it gets choppy on my iPhone, on the Pixel 6 I have for Android it goes from 90 fps to 70 when you’re just clicking on an object which is better but also not great:

The same scene in the playground on the iPhone doesn’t stutter and stays at 60fps:

Let me know if this is a bug/expected behaviour/wrong implementation/something else :smiley:

cc @BabylonNative

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Sorry for the slow response. Looks like pinging a group isn’t notifying the people correctly. @carolhmj is investigating. I’ll try to investigate this next week.

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I haven’t forgotten about this. I’m a bit busy, so hopefully will look at this in the coming weeks.

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Hi! Thanks for the update. I totally understand, whenever you have the time I am still interested what’s going on with this :smiley: