(Mac) Browsers - Chrome ver. 65 and Safari ver, 9.1.3 (9537.86.7.8) not working!

Hay all I’am not new Just did not launched a comment before.

I am working on macOs 10.9 and Firefox al works well !!
Today I opend the play ground and also some examples with MacOS 9.1 using
Chrome ver. 65 and Safari ver, 9.1 . both don’t work .

It will open the playground website but wont show or react any further,

I downloaded some examples to my desktop opens with Firefox
but wont open with Chrome ver. 65 and Safari ver, 9.1 .

If Babylon wont work on older browsers from 2011+ and up
than that is a huge problem ! Updated Chrome but ver 6.4 is as high as I
can get with macOs 10.9 .

Note - Also tested some A-frame examples dont wont also.


hi. can you try run engine on smart teapot? :smiley:
there no problems becuse webgl works on 96% of devices Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc and if someone wants to run the application on an old device this is not a developer problem

Babylonjs is using WebGL, and if your browser doesn’t support WebGL, Babylon can do nothing about that.

Dont get that remark … are you suggesting something…
Iam developing BJS since 2018 on macOs 9.1 on a MBP (for a good reason.)

Using Safari 9 according your specs it supposed to run.

Testing Safari 9 does not work but should according webGL specs…
(MBP , macOs 9)

maybe experimental flags in browsers can help you?
chrome 65

chrome 64


tested on versions marked with a red circle… all works
you can test there on real devices browserstack dot com or similar services

in safari can run from version 11 and later( but i always hate safari

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See your screenshot, bottom: “Your browser does not support WebGL […]”.

but this message can be if drivers crash or browser lost context?

I don’t think so.

I think you got this message at the start when browsing the url, so it really means your browser does not support WebGL.

This message will also appear when the browser’s 3D context is lost or the browser crashed for some reason.

Babylon should work on chrome 65 (and safari 9, if it supports webgl) as babylon falls back to WebGL 1 when no webgl 2 is supported.

Any other console errors, or just this message?

You can also try eliminating the webgl2 support using the disableWebGL2Support when creating the engine - EngineOptions - Babylon.js Documentation

Having said that (and I know this is never the answer you are looking for) - chrome 65 is practically useless and is not used by more that a few dvices that are probably not connected to the internet. Chrome updates automatically, and 65 is an ancient version.
Safari might be a bit of a problem, but the amount of people using safari is also very low.

Unless you are building something for a client with those specific needs, I am not sure why you try targeting those browsers.

*** Side note - this is my personal opinion and not at all (!) the way babylon sees that. Backwards compatibility is very important for us and we do our best to keep the framework working on older browsers as well (I look at you, IE11!)

To every one who replied.
I am running on my MBP macOs 10.9 since 2018 with Firefox which is working fine

with MBP and macOs 10.9 I am visiting the BJS demo website with:

  • Chrome 65 is not working that is ok its in the specs! (see earlier posts)

  • I am visting BJS website with:

  • Safari 9.1 which is not working but should work
    I am running a code tester on safari to see the specs ‘webgl is active’

THis is not correct for me

read latest post opening the BJS website Safari 9 showed the demo interface but thats all
It did not load or show any scene or gave a notice of some kind.

It good be that visiting the BJS site with Safari 9.1 on a mac is not working for anyone
then there is something off in the “specs” or the BJS site…

Maybe Better to look into it.

I think you took it the wrong way, and I think you ignored my message right before the last one.

Have you tried forcing WebGL 1?

Is that any error in the console? And stacktrace you can share?

Not sure If you get my point at the start.
I dont need to use safari (or chrome) FF is fine for me.

its not about me its just that I am sending things out there to people
the last 2 years and I was pretty sure in 2018 that they could open
it then on older browsers (like Safari 9) by default.
Good it be that something chanced.?

we need more info to help. Can you show the console errors?

Safari 9.1.3.(953.86.78 ) is given me no log or console info when visiting your site and
visiting the playground link on the homepage is redirecting me to github.