MAGELLAN Warehouse Simulation


Hi folks,

just a few videos of the software me and my co-worker (and three working students) are developing:

It´ll be a tool for warehouse design, material flow simulation and virtual comissioning.

We´ve been working on that for like 15 months mostly in our spare time.

MAGELLAN offers specificators for different rack systems, conveyor elements, resources like forklifts, reach trucks and you can customize your warehouse and its strategies just like in SAP EWM.

By now you can try different slotting strategies, calculate cycle times, and many more.

By mid of this year we plan on another huge epic which is virtual commissioning.
All conveyor elements (and automated warehouse things) will be fully configurable and we
will connect MAGELLAN to SAP EWM MFS (material flow system). Therefore we will offer functionalities to customize PLC behaviour in MAGELLAN. Telegram communication via TCP / IP sockets.

What else is already integrated? GamePad support, Oculus Rift Support,
project and scenario manager, user management, RBAC and a lot of more.

Frontend: BJS and a lot of plain JS instead of cumbersome frameworks.

Backend: Java, Spring Boot

Database: MS SQL Server

My GPU for testing and dev.: GTX 1070 ti (vertices are piling up in large scenarios)

Greetings from Bavaria,



This is really good! do you mind to share a link? Would love to add it to our homepage