Mayflower Autonomous Ship - Digital Experience

Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to these forums. 8 weeks ago I had never worked with babylon.js before, and this week my colleague and I delivered a fully interactive 3d experience to show off the technology behind ProMare & IBM’s fully autonomous ship that’s due to sail across the Atlantic Ocean this summer. These forums played a huge part in getting us over the line in fixing all kinds of crazy issues and answering our questions.

Here’s a few renders of the experience:

and you can check out the full experience here:


This deserves an entry on our homepage @PirateJC

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@jdp1g09 This is truly awesome! First it LOOKS incredible! Second, it’s performance is excellent. Thirdly, it’s just a plain awesome experience!

Well done!

Do I have your permission to add this onto the Babylon.js community page?

@PirateJC Your tutorials were vital in us getting that put together, so thank you! I couldn’t have struck gold any more when our marketing team said “can you make the experience go under water?” and I then found your series on YouTube!

You absolutely have my permission, please share away

If you did also want to feature on the homepage, as mentioned by @Deltakosh I’m also all for that, and have a sped through screen recording (30s and 1 min variants) of the whole experience that you could feature too if you’d like, although it was too big for posting onto the forums.

You guys play at a level beyond my imagination. :slight_smile:
An absolutely perfect piece of engineering, design and presentation!

Award for brilliance


@jdp1g09 - Just added this to the home page and community page!

Amazing work!

Should be live in a couple minutes.

I crashed into the first ‘faen’ rock encountered. Knowing that I have worked for Alinghi;) Looks like I’m still not able to take control of a ship (even an autonomous one;) Well GJ, anyways. This looks very polished and cool. Glad to see that IBM is trusting BJS :smiley:

Thank You! Great to see it up there. Babylon was a pleasure to work with, will be trying to find more excuses to work with it again in the future!