Mayflower Autonomous Ship - Digital Experience

Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to these forums. 8 weeks ago I had never worked with babylon.js before, and this week my colleague and I delivered a fully interactive 3d experience to show off the technology behind ProMare & IBM’s fully autonomous ship that’s due to sail across the Atlantic Ocean this summer. These forums played a huge part in getting us over the line in fixing all kinds of crazy issues and answering our questions.

Here’s a few renders of the experience:

and you can check out the full experience here:


This deserves an entry on our homepage @PirateJC

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@jdp1g09 This is truly awesome! First it LOOKS incredible! Second, it’s performance is excellent. Thirdly, it’s just a plain awesome experience!

Well done!

Do I have your permission to add this onto the Babylon.js community page?

@PirateJC Your tutorials were vital in us getting that put together, so thank you! I couldn’t have struck gold any more when our marketing team said “can you make the experience go under water?” and I then found your series on YouTube!

You absolutely have my permission, please share away

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If you did also want to feature on the homepage, as mentioned by @Deltakosh I’m also all for that, and have a sped through screen recording (30s and 1 min variants) of the whole experience that you could feature too if you’d like, although it was too big for posting onto the forums.

@jdp1g09 - Just added this to the home page and community page!

Amazing work!

Should be live in a couple minutes.

I crashed into the first ‘faen’ rock encountered. Knowing that I have worked for Alinghi;) Looks like I’m still not able to take control of a ship (even an autonomous one;) Well GJ, anyways. This looks very polished and cool. Glad to see that IBM is trusting BJS :smiley:

Thank You! Great to see it up there. Babylon was a pleasure to work with, will be trying to find more excuses to work with it again in the future!


@jdp1g09 Is there any chance of at least partially releasing the source code? Or if not, writing an article on it?

I’m working on a list of all the best freely available Babylon resources. The Babylon community needs more large-scale open-source projects. The playground and youtube tutorials offer plenty of amazing demos, but they aren’t the same as a full-sized game.

I understand this is commercial though. If you can’t release it, that’s understandable. I just thought I’d ask.

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Hi @Symbitic - open source will be a challenge, even if I try to go and open source, I can get bogged down in a lot of process and paperwork.

Article(s) on the other hand, absolutely no problem at all. Anything in particular you would like me to concentrate on when writing it? Learned best practices? Architecture? Node Materials?

I should be able to write mini-Playground snippets, and reference those in the article(s) as I go.

This is lovely. My only suggestion right now would be to add a little bobbing to the camera. Right now it kind of feels we’re “floating” through the water.

Article(s) on the other hand, absolutely no problem at all. Anything in particular you would like me to concentrate on when writing it? Learned best practices? Architecture? Node Materials?

Hi @jdp1g09. Anything you feel like. Architecture would, I think, be particularly helpful. A lot of Babylon.js games use hard-coded objects. Manually placing spheres and walls at vector locations is great for tutorials and demos, but it’s just not how real games work. Anything about how to make something more data-driven would, I think, be particularly helpful for developers.

I think anything about how you made a large-scale Babylon.js game work would be particularly useful for users. But really, it’s up to you. Write whatever you feel like writing. Put it on Medium, WordPress, Babylon.js forums, your own website, or anything you want.

Feel free to message me with any Playground snippets or article links. I’m just trying to create a list of the best resources for Babylon developers. I’ll take anything (if anything) you feel like providing.


Definitely let us know when you’ve released the list, we are always on the lookout for great Babylon.js resources :slight_smile:

Very cool project @jdp1g09 ! :slight_smile:

I don’t see your article series listed on @Symbitic 's Github, so here’s a link for anyone who may have missed it:

Thank you for taking the time to share your development experience!

cc @PirateJC

Love this project. We added it to the community page back in May. Absolutely love it!

@jdp1g09 I finally got around to adding your medium articles to my awesome-babylonjs list. Great job! If you have anything else you want to share, feel free to drop me a line.