Make babylon access back camera

please check this It is accessing front camera by default in mobile phones, I want to access rear camera, If anyone could help me tweak it, It will be helpful of you

Hi rudr,

I think what you’re looking for is the facingMode option, which can be set to either "user" or "environment". Does this do what you’re looking for?

(Discussed near the end of Step 3 of this tutorial, in case you want to read further. Best of luck!)

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Hi Syntheticmagus
Thanks for the help it worked as per my requirement, But I am getting a new error
The camera feed never shows properly in iOS and in Android too the camera stream output is delayed.
Another error is it is not accessing gyroscope in iOS as I have used deviceorientationcamera

Hi rudr,

Glad I was able to help at least a little bit! Unfortunately I’m not a very good resource for iOS/Safari problems as I don’t have an iPhone, and I don’t repro the delay you mentioned on Android. (The camera comes up immediately after I grant permission on my Moto G7, though Android devices can vary a lot in performance and behavior. What device are you using?) I can recommend you double-check your permissions in case the browser has decided to restrict sensor APIs for one reason or another, but beyond that my experience with iOS/Safari is very limited. I do know that iOS and Android both have tethered-device debugging experiences which will allow you to take a close at the performance yourself. However, if you really need somebody who can repro the issues to look at this with you, I’d recommend creating a new forum question specifically calling out iOS and DeviceOrientationCamera in the title; that’s probably the fastest way to find someone on here with the Apple devices necessary to follow along. Best of luck!

Thanks for the update, Surely I will create a new topic in forum to get my problem solved