Make CONVEX_HULL visible

Is there a way to convert a physics convex hull to a custom mesh?

Hello @WillemCramer , how are you doing?

If you want to view the physics objects for debugging you can try using


Simple scene with Physics and Merged Meshes V1 | Babylon.js Playground (

Hi Srzerbetto :slight_smile:
I did that manually, but what i am really after is making rounded objects you see.
Thanks for the tip anyway!

If you want to change the collision shape of a physics body, you can change the shape parameter: Update a physics body shape | Babylon.js Playground (

Hi Carol :slight_smile:
Thanks for having a look but that’s not what i am after.
I probably haven’t been very clear but i want to convert that convex hull shape into an actual mesh :slight_smile:

You can get the geometry information of the body using the HavokPlugin:


You nailed it Raggar! THANKS :slight_smile: