Make Edge Render have a Fog Option

Edge render needs an option to turn on fog interaction

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Agree! fancy doing a PR?

Yeah… I know I’m gonna have to… :slight_smile: haha, once I get some time here I am on it for sure.

You know it is good to do some PR :wink:

<3 Yeah and it’s good for me, thanks for the encouragement. Ill prolly give it a shot this afternoon instead of answering questions on the forum.

Both are really important for the community. If you can’t do the PR (as I think it is a really good idea) just add a new issue so we can track the need

No I for sure can, I just get scared of doing node build for some reason… even though its not that hard. I have have it in the back of my head that I struggle with it… and I need to break myself of that thought.

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Definitely :smiley:

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I have today off so I am going to get to this now.

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I just noticed in the docs it says:

effect.setFloat4(“vFogInfos”, scene.fogMode, scene.fogStart, scene.fogEnd, scene.fogDensity);

but shouldn’t that be like:
effect.setFloats(“vFogInfos”, [scene.fogMode, scene.fogStart, scene.fogEnd, scene.fogDensity]); ?
it might not be this, but I dont think that that setFloat4 is a method on a ShaderMaterial.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Effect has a setFloat4 method

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ohh dumb dumb dumb. I gotcha I gotta do this._lineShader.getEffect() then?

rabble rabble rabble… I think I have most of it figured out (at least from a shader side) now I just need to get this damn TS file to cooperate…

Gonna walk away go have my coffee relax of a second and think about this.


Lol I’m with you buddy :smiley:

Until I figure out why my TS files are not updating there is not much I can do about this update.

And this is important (To be able to compile the project I meant ;))

Im going to try on some other files as soon as I get a chance here…

On saturday I hurt my elbow pretty bad in a fall, (god I need to stay off skateboards…) so I kinda dropped everything for a day or two.

Once I get caught up on my paid work I’ll get back at this.

Sorry my friend…Take care!