Summoning a Shader / Effects Wizard to Assist

We are looking for someone for a short-term paid contract to help us emulate an effect that our artist cooked up in Blender.

Hopefully this is an easy thing to do for an expert in the dark arts of shader and effects programming.

Full brief with associated assets is here: BattleTabs Water Effect Brief - Google Docs

Either reply on here or drop us an email: if you think your spell book contains the necessary incantations.

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I’ll save ya the cost!

If that works

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(please note, I did not write this playground)

Haha yes thanks. We did experiment with this quite some time ago: How would you do a Orthographic water intersection effect?

We were very grateful for the help by @phaselock @Evgeni_Popov @Pryme8 and others but unfortunately the effect didn’t quite do what we wanted and since then we have come up with a different look in blender (see my OP).

The main difference with that effect and the one we are looking for is that that effects only work in camera space so that the white “foam” on the mesh doesn’t extend beyond the mesh.

This also means that the water “foam” doesn’t emanate away from the mesh in a pleasing way (see this video as a demonstration).

I suspect to do this might involve rendering the scene into a buffer from above then applying some sort of “distance field”, but again I must admit im a bit out of my depth so I was really hoping to get some assistance from others on this.

I feel like I have pestered the community enough on this subject so we decided it might be worth contracting it out to someone that wanted to take it as a paid job.

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Just writing back to say the wizard was summoned and spell was cast, problem solved :slight_smile: Thanks all.

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And will we get a chance to see the spell? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are just working on the legal to transfer the IP rights but here is a video of the resulting effect:


does that have flow mechanics too? just asking because of the compression wave in front of the ball, if so them wow.

No, it doesnt have flow mechanics. It just looks like it due to the delayed nature of the effect thus causing the impression of compression wave on moving objects.