The problem of model texture sampling

You mean BBL can’t be done:困:

No, I am just not familiar with bjs

ok it is not race game between 2 framework for do 90% webgl stuff both work in same solution
so people win can use the code we are share here for find good solution you most ask so clearly.
i guess request of this topic changed some time and that not clear yet

can you make a simple box and explain what you need for render on that ?

I agree with nasimi, try to make a more controllable study case instead of the whole big scene at once. Get that within scope then go from there. It will be a lot easier to understand what needs to be done.

Also I’d like to point out that they are not putting any textures on the models in your example scene I do not believe. I might be wrong but I think the textures are for post passes for just screen space effects. and then one is used as a light/fog map I think… don’t quote me on that, but that what it seeps to be.

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@ nasimiasl绝地大师@ Pryme8
Sorry!I just don’t know how to realize it, so I choose to directly give a website and open the scene model described in the website, which is more intuitive. I just want to achieve the effect described by the model through the shader Wireframe
personally think it USES texture to paste out the lines
similar to the effect shown in this image, line sense, then translucent, edge light

add the highlight lines texture to the emissive channel and that should do it.

:slight_smile: 7 Lines of code is way easier to understand <3

by the way:

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  • If you look at me like this, I get an error when I run it,

The grid does not invoke enableEdgesRendering directly
This is my new scene and I can’t add wireframe to the model because it will report an error
I can’t add Fog mode to the scene, it will change the color of the model itself, I need the edge light like this, the brightness is higherimage

Change “index” to “i” on your array reference and it will work.

And you will want a fog that is very slight because though it changes the color it will add depth.
What do you think of this

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  • You can’t change it to I, you get an error

@ nasimiasl绝地大师
Hey nasimias for the enderRender you mentioned before, can it achieve the effect I want?This is a scene that you used to answer someone’s question. Can you use it in my scene
But it seems that the grid will report an error using EnderRender

are you sure i do?

Works for me?

Actually I think we got a bug here!
Works of first compilation, but not second.
@Deltakosh @julien-moreau <-- two guys who might know why its not releasing the buffer.

Yup I just confirmed if you do a raw load of the page and enable the line system it works, but anytime after the first it presents that error.

What we can do to be proactive is make another test case.
^On it^

The scene where you help others is getting results, but my scene doesn’t get what it wants

  • I’d like to know the reason, too. It’s a headache:困:

Ok fine, fine, fine… Ill write up a shader…

haha give me a minute here, I gotta look up some stuff.

I’m so sorry

there is no apologies for progress!

(no worries friend)