Making Augmented Reality examples work?

Hi all!
I feel like im missing something simple using webXR for AR. This is what I see on my Pixel5 when looking at the simple example.. How do I get camera to show? Tried the chrome://flag for WebXR and confirmed that google play services for AR is installed, but no change.

When I open the examples here, they work:

adding @RaananW

Can I ask - does it work when you open the playground in a new page? it might be an issue with the documentation page

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Ah, there we go, i went to and it did load up correctly. Thanks for the help (feeling dumb!)… really thought i’d tried that previously.

That’s good to know!

I will need to check why the XR button doesn’t show up on the doc page. Might be permissions thing (as it is in an iframe), but this should be solvable.

I am happy it works :slight_smile: