Material metadata is null

I’m working on an editor which overlays the scene that would allow someone to edit standard materials using Blender material values. It uses metadata to hold the Blender values. I have made changes to the Blender exporter to include the metadata in the ‘output.babylon’ file. However, that data was unavailble in babylon.js.

I tweaked a local copy of ‘babylon.3.3.0.max.js’ to get everything to work. I point my tweaks to the appropriate babylon.ts files.


I see that the 'metadata' property has been  added to 'material.ts' since version 3.3.0. However it is null in the scene.

I think by changing <line 123> from this:

 * Gets or sets user defined metadata
public metadata: any = null;

to this:

 * Gets or sets user defined metadata
public metadata: any = null;

would make it work.

first, serialize is for creating a file. You are loading. find a parse arterial function or similar. make changes there.

There is also an exporter for Blender 2.80. You probably want to edit that one. see EEVEE topic. Typing on mobile

I guess @denhorn is right actually. The @serialize is used by both the parse and the serialize function so this change can work

@denhorn: Fancy doing a PR?

I originally got metadata added to material by doing the following:

babylonFileLoader.ts line 88

var loadAssetContainer = function (scene, data, rootUrl, onError, addToScene) {
        // Materials
        if (parsedData.materials !== undefined && parsedData.materials !== null) {
            for (index = 0, cache = parsedData.materials.length; index < cache; index++) {
                var parsedMaterial = parsedData.materials[index];
                var mat = BABYLON.Material.Parse(parsedMaterial, scene, rootUrl);
				//!!! added next line <approx.line 77838 in babylon.3.3.0.js>
				mat.metadata = parsedMaterial.metadata;
                log += (index === 0 ? "\n\tMaterials:" : "");
                log += "\n\t\t" + mat.toString(fullDetails);

It worked, but it didn’t seem to be the best solution. I found that parsing was failing in decorators.ts getMergedStore. By adding @serialize () to material metadata seemed to be a better solution. I would consider doing a pull request, but I am currently not set up to do that.

Anybody else in the community fancy doing the PR ?

I am proposing as it is a simple one and could be a good one for new contributors :slight_smile: