Material Plugins add SSAO

Material plugin example with uniforms add SSAO,material plugin work

Applying a plugin to a single material,material plugin not work.

When Applying a plugin to a single material
I also tried using StandardMaterial and PBRMaterial and found that this problem only appeared in PBRMaterial.
use code 10-11 line StandardMaterial work
use code 14-16 line PBRMaterial not working

Thank you very much for helping me!


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What exactly does not work in your latest PG? If I enable SSAO, I can see it’s applied on the mesh by changing the parameters in the inspector.

when enable ssao, material plugin not work
It can be seen from the first PG and the second PG
the first PG, material plugin work
the second PG,material plugin not work,has a bug

There are two errors in the code. One is that DynamicCloudSkyPluginMaterial is not defined, and the other is that material plugins should be applied before the material is rendered.