Max2Babylon - 16bit TIF causes ambiguous export message

Didn’t think to check my bitmap format here, but then I got an ambiguous error message on export. Had to check my setup to see it was a TIF and it was 16bit. Going to change to a 8bit PNG now. But maybe the exporter should say something like “16bit image format not supported.” And maybe advise to use 8bit PNG or JPG?

3ds Max 2018.4
Max2Babylon 1.3.33

Actually, this seems to be caused by having only a bitmap in Bump, but no other inputs in the material.

The error also occurred when I switched the normal map to a 8bit PNG. It only went away after I put a white 4x4 png in the Base Color input.

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Can you share a simple repro scene? Pinging @Drigax

Hi @echadwick-wayfair

I believe that this sounds like

Can you try exporting using v1.4.0?