3dsMax exporter -material with bump result transparent mesh & question

I’m using 3ds Max 2017 and the latest exporter for babylon.
And I found an issue.
If the material has a normal map assigned then on export transparencyMode will be alphaBlended, if not it was exported corect, as opaque.
I’m using it to export only gltf/glb. I didn’t try with babylon file

Do we support blendShapes/MorhTargets on export gltf/glb from 3dsMax?

@Drigax may be able to help you out.

This sounds like:

Unfortunately, I can’t test this myself to reproduce right now ( My hands are currently tied in getting a 3ds Max License for the time being.)

@PatrickRyan, would you be able to help repro on Max 2017?

@ MarianG
According to our docs, we do support Morph Target/Blend Shapes. :slight_smile:


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Yes, it looks like this is. Exactly the same behavior.
Unfortunatelly I don’t have newer version of Max yet.

Excelent news.
My issue is now how can I acces them, because as example I have a few blendShapes directly on body mesh.
I checked in scene property in Max to export normal and export tangents, and export as gltf, but nothing changed.
If I’m checking in sandbox I have same number of meshes. How can I acces blends from body mesh?

BTW; Welcome @Drigax, and thanks for your help :muscle:

@MarianG , make sure that your normal map has its Alpha Source set to None (Opaque) rather than Image Alpha if you are using an image with an alpha channel like a PNG. This should set the blend mode in the glTF to OPAQUE as you intended. Let me know if this doesn’t solve your issue and I’ll take a look at your Max file if you can share it.

Hey PatrickRyan, thanks for your feedback. Few minutes, I’ll try to isolate this and I’ll sent you the object.
But basically I’m using a jpg image so it should not have alpha

@MarianG, what about the Base Color Map on your material? Is that also a jpg or is the Alpha Source set to None (Opaque)?

Yes. It is a normal jpg file.
I’m trying to understand where is the issue because if I isolate and save only this object as example on export work well.

I simply copy textures to a different folder and if I’m oading them from there is working well, if I’m using same old folder, materials are with transparency.
Nevermind, it’s fine if is wotking :slight_smile:

pinging @Drigax for this last message about folder hierarchy affecting blend modes. This sounds like something we need to look into.

Related to the issue with folders. I got the issue. I have 2 folders, with optimized textures and one normal texturea, and it seems I mixed them inside 3dsMax.
Sorry for inconvenience :wink:

Related to blendShapes, in export as gltf, who can help me a little bit?
If they are supported, how can I acces it in scene?
Or how I have to set them in 3dsMax to be able to eport?
Because I have few blendshapes directly on body, and on export I got an error