Max2Babylon - feature request - Clearcoat

I’d like to see support in Max2Babylon for the new Clearcoat PBR features.

Here’s a possible set of correlations between the BabylonJS Clearcoat arguments and the available inputs in 3ds Max.

I prefer it when exporters use setups that try to maintain parity with the built-in offline renderer. This makes it easier to preview the material while authoring, and to re-use the inputs for ground-truth offline rendering. Not all of these are 1:1, but they’re as close as I could get.

Green means the input is accessible in Track View and thus likely also in MAXScript. Beware the incorrect spelling of Roughness in some of 3ds Max’s parameter names!

A couple of the BabylonJS parameters will probably need Custom Attribute support, since there’s no comparable input in the Physical Material. Maybe they could be done similar to how you treat the Unlit material parameter? 3DSMax - Babylon.js Documentation

Thank you!

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Can’t agree more :slight_smile:
This is something we plan to work on as soon as all the open issues we have with the exporters will be closed

Pinging @drigax and @PatrickRyan FYI