PBRShader " Iridescence"

I was digging around for some Iridescence shader support in PBRMaterial and wondering if there is something built in that adheres to the gltf spec. I saw this

but cant seem to find this in the docs?

The sandbox link doesn’t seem to work for me. I suspect you’re asking a different question but have you seen this page in the docs? Making Meshes Glow | Babylon.js Documentation

There’s a good video linked to at the bottom of that page which covers glow layer, emissive PBR materials etc Node Material Glow Effects - YouTube

try this link

looking to achieve an effect like this. I believe this thread is related thus may be able to get this effect using the clearcoat IOR, tint color , thickness and F0 parameters. I am investigating…

This will be implemented soon. The GLTF group has just agreed on the default tech for it but it is not ratified yet.

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Sounds good. I tried to achieve this using the clearcoat IOR/F0/thickness. Seems to sort of give me a similar effect. The other option is. custom PBRShader via NME using fresnel.

Keep us updated.

Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files

Sorry this doesn’t work for me. I see an error: Unable to load from https:%2F%2Fraw.githubusercontent.com%2FKhronosGroup%2FglTF-Sample-Models%2FPearlGoldOliveCoveredGlassDish%2F2.0%2FIridescentDishWithOlives%2FglTF%2FIridescentDishWithOlives.gltf: Not Found … even though that file exists?

I’m using Firefox on a Mac with the same error on Chrome.

The forum app itself changes the link. it should be:

Babylon.js - IridescentDishWithOlives.gltf (babylonjs.com)

or copy paste this:



@Anupam_Das hi just checking in, have you seen that the 5.0 release now has iridescence support? :slight_smile: