Maximum Distance to teleport

I am making a XR scene on a really big scale. There are several platforms to jump to, but I cannot seem to jump far enough, meaning no ring target mesh is showing when I point that far. Only 1 floor mesh & 6 instances. The one I get to is an instance. I list all as floors. Is there some practical limit?

The distance ray is set at a specific limit. You can increase this limit of the parabolic line:

WebXRMotionControllerTeleportation | Babylon.js Documentation (

The direct line is - “as much as you can reach with a straight line directly from you”


This scene is really rough at the moment. Too much back face culling makes it really hard to understand right now. The good news is with all the geometry loaded, frame rate is not an issue.

The reason, I could not go to one particular platform is was spelling. There are still other teleport problems. As things get ironed out, can make a pg of just the platforms, if still a problem. Currently,

  • Teleport eventually stops working, always on the platform with a 5, 5, 1 scaling. (Will check remote console)
  • An observation platform 200 meters above the rest can not seem to be able to goto. Also, that is where I place the fall back camera initially. Before going XR, it shows correct location on scene in 2D. Entering XR, you are suddenly down near zero, not 200. Will try setting that platform at 0, and rest in a “hole”.

One other thing related, is being able to use one controller for teleport, and the other thumb stick thingy to do something else. Can that be done with a custom xrInput?


Not sure exactly what is wrong from your description, but if you can reproduce it on the playground and let me know what went wrong I can try understanding what’s going on :slight_smile:

What do you mean with a custom xrInput?

I did manage to get remote debugging on the teleport stopping part. It says:

Will try to get a pg (.babylon implemented) as soon as I can. Am trying to nail down all the things I can or cannot do on a project which is due pretty soon.

I am dense, and pretty happy at same time. I had a real fight getting that message. While back did an app reload & a device reset, but never turned developer on again, at the time. Spent the better part of the morning figuring out how to remote debugging on, and never bothered to really look at the message.

Later, I wanted to see some live data, and took this print of it, right after I reloaded & before even the first teleport.

That is xr-layers, and it is never getting turned on. That means that I have not been running multi-view, so if I switch to ‘latest’ (actually the place I took this source from had. I changed here) should even have more cpu head room :grinning:

regarding xr-layers - you can technically add the webxr layers polyfill to your build and you will be able to add the xr-layers feature. It won’t really optimize your app, as it is all emulated, but you can prepare for multiview :slight_smile:

Hey there just checking in, was your question answered? @JCPalmer

Some what. I think I have isolated it to difficulty to teleport up to a higher plane. I will avoid that, which there were not plans to do anyway.

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