Maya and 3Dmax export babylon exception issue

Help post, I encountered a very difficult problem to solve. After Maya exported babylon, the hair UV of the model was gone, causing the alpha map to cover all the model faces, making the model completely transparent. The UV of the model was checked and found to be normal, but it disappeared after export.

I really can’t solve the problem of using 3Dmax to export the model. This time, the UV of the hair model exists, but the animation of the model has twisted and deformed again.

Currently, there are issues with both software and the project cannot proceed. We hope to receive official assistance in resolving these issues.

Is this the same question as Export model from maya to babylon without UV - Bugs - Babylon.js ( ? If so, I’ll close the topic to not duplicate it.

Yes, it’s the same question. Close my question. Thank you for your answer