Maya Animation Geometry Cache from simulation to BabylonJS Workflow

Hello everyone,

I have research awhile about animation. There is some method to able get simulate result with vertex animation as example here: Babylon.js Playground, and here: However, there is for 3Ds Max when we have plugin and tools to do thing while Maya like a foggy.

I wonder if there is some tools or way to work with Animation Cache and export it into BabylobJS. I’m stuck there and hope someone will help me figure out.

Thank you, everyone.

Hi @vuphan, pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier to see if he has an idea.

Hey guys,
I beleive You may use the Point Cache file into maya.
There is several way to import to Blender and i guess to Babylon (using maybe PC2 format).
See this thread for one example.
Hope this will help.