Maya hair cards to GLTF flipped visibility or not visible

I’ve been trying for a while to find a solution for this. I have a character with a bunch of hair cards made in Maya. When previewing in Babylon Sandbox, the hair cards are “clipping” between each other when moving the object. And in-app a top layer of hair strands appears invisible, or behind the mid layer of hair.

I tried turning off Backface Culling in babylon shader node for all hair, and duplicating the front(that appear invisible) hair planes, inverting the normals on duplicates and moving them tiny bit back. No changes.
I’m using Maya Phong material.

In Maya there’s a viewport setting that fixes planes appearing invisible and disappearing behind planes behind them, but the problem still persists in Sandbox.

Is there some material setting I’m missing?

Sorry can’t share any screenshots or files.

cc @PatrickRyan in case he has any general advice on this, in the absence of repro / model.