Unwanted transparency in duplicated object side

I have a glTF model from Blender which is displaying unwanted transparency. I originally duplicated the model and flipped it over to create the whole thing. The duplicated half is showing the transparency. I’ve attached a screenshot from Sandbox.

I tried switching off backface culling which made the duplicated side opaque but gave it a completely different colour.

Seems like it could be normals issue, not transparency. Try turning off backface culling to be sure you have the right problem.

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Ahh, did not see you did the culling test at the bottom of your post. Looks like you have both problems. I do not do / use that exporter. You can probably fix it on the BJS side by changing the material, if that is acceptable till anyone who knows something about gltf coming from Blender:

material.transparencyMode = BABYLON.PBRMaterial.PBRMATERIAL_OPAQUE;

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Thanks for the help @JCPalmer, the main problem was normals on the model, flipped round fixed the problem :slight_smile:

I’ve got something weird going on now. In my extended model I have a hover state which is supposed to be just a green outline. But since adding mat.needDepthPrePass = true the model turns black on hover as well as the green outline.