Mesh.clone() does not play well with Thin Instance

Hi there,

It seems that even after cloning a mesh, all clones are still sharing the same Thin Instance capabilities, i.e. make 10 clones, create Thin Instances for each of them, and only the last call to mesh.thinInstanceSetBuffer( 'matrix' , ... ) produces something, previous calls seems to be overwritten.

Use case: I’m currently planting tree on a rather big map, each map sector having its own set of Thin Instance (so a sector can be turned off when it’s too far away).

Playground demonstrating the bug: Playground.
It’s based on the example with four cubes, but here the blue and green cube are not based upon a freshly created cube, but from a clone. The bug removes the red and yellow cubes as soon as the clone calls cube2.thinInstanceSetBuffer().

Hey there, you need to call makeGeometryUnique() on the clone, then you can set thin instance buffers for both of them. :slight_smile:


@Blake Ah ok, it works like a charm now!
Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :wink: