Mesh expand drag area

Hello together,

somebody have a idea how a mesh can have a bigger hidden drag area. On mobile devices the drag point don’t react very good because it is smaller.


Hi Media4you,

Are you building on the click-and-drag demo from the examples? If so, probably the easiest way to enlarge the draggable area would be to have a larger and transparent pickable mesh “contain” the mesh you actually want to move and be its parent in the hierarchy. You could also try covering the draggable mesh with a mesh-locked UI element, but that’d probably be more complicated because (1) you wouldn’t be able to keep using the same movement logic and (2) there might be additional complexities when meshes are too close together in screen space. The former approach should be quite straightforward, though; just create a box as large as the drag area you want, give it a transparent material, parent your object to that (making sure to put them in the same place), then make the “drag box” pickable while your main object isn’t. Dragging the “drag box” should then move the main object in the exact same way shown in the demo. Hope this helps, and best of luck!