Mesh faces are transparent from certain angles

As you’ll see here in this playground the bird model is missing various faces when viewed from certain angles. I assumed it’s something to do with the normals in this model and I tried a bunch of wacky stuff in blender that supposedly recalculates the normals, but my efforts so far haven’t produced any noticeable results. Now I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the normals or not - anyone have some tips?

You can update transparencyMode to make it look better


Thanks for the tip! That definitely works. I’ll mark your approach as the answer, thank you :slight_smile:

Followup -
So… if this is a matter of appropriately determining which meshes are transparent, theoretically could I go back into blender and ensure everything mesh is opaque? Could I even do that in the playground via an glb export?

Of course.


That worked! Thanks for the lesson in blend modes!

I added that bird into my project lol, it looks great

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