Mesh Scale And Position Issue - Sandbox Export

Hello, I’m currently having an issue exporting a .babylon scene from the sandbox. I import a .glb file exported from blender in the sandbox, and everything looks fine, i get 0 errors and warning and just 6 infos (accessor_not_unit_textcoord_0) because i have 6 solid materials without textures. In the sandbox i change the transparency of one of them which is a glass by setting “alpha blend” with alpha at around .500, then i export the scene as a .babylon file. If i upload this babylon on the sandbox everything is fine but when i import it in my scene the meshes with solid materials are out of position, out of rotation and out of scale, any suggestions?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

P.s. they also are the only joined objects (3 lamps, windows frames and glasses and the letters of our logo

That’s how it looks in the sandbox

If it does work in the sandbox it means the file is ok, so the problem must come from your code. But without seeing it’s difficult to help more… Have you checked with the inspector that the objects location/rotation/scaling are the same in the sandbox and in your project? Also, have you tried to just exporting the scene from the sandbox without doing any change and reloading it in your project: does it work?

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Hi, Thanks a lot for your help!

The problem seems to be with joined objects. In the sandbox the position, rotation and scaling are given to the father object, and the sons all have pos(0;0;0) rot(0;0;0) and scale (1;1;1). My scene seems to take into consideration the position of the sons. I tried swapping the properties values from the father to the sons, so now the father has pos(0;0;0) rot(0;0;0) and scale (1;1;1). I’ve miscopied something so they’re not in the exact correct position, but it seems that was the problem. I’ll upload later another comment with the correct solution if i find it.



It was a group problem, if you export from blender a glTF an object that contains different materials the sandbox need to create a father root with the children object for each material, and this “transform vector” was messing up the position, rotation and scale of my objects, i separated by material in blender and everything now look fine!
Thanks :slight_smile: