Mesh with scaling(1, 1, -1) will set an unbelievable scaling when drag positionGizmo

Before dragging:

After dragging:

It occurs from v4.2.0.I didn’t see the doc mention we should set scaling by what type.


Both transformations are equivalent, so they have the same result. :slight_smile:

It’s still weird. It there an explanation for that?

There are multiple operations in Gizmos and one of them needs to decompose the object matrix to translation/orientation/scaling and recompose it after.
Because of a negative scale, the decomposition finds a solution that may be different from the intended.
Basically, it’s not possible if the scale is -1 or if it’s a composition of rotation that gives the world matrix.


And the cause of the negative scale is that this transformation is applied to loaded GLTF meshes to convert from their native right-handed system to Babylon’s native left-handed system :slight_smile:


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Yes, thanks. I figured this part just didn’t understand how it can result in rotating other axes. Beautifully explained by @Cedric. Thx Guys, as always you rock :smiley:


Thanks for your reply. :smile:

Thanks for your reply. :grin:

I have another question.If i import a gltf mesh,and i attach a gizmo to the mesh.It will change the mesh scaling and rotation when i drag positionGizmo.How can i resolve it?

IIRC gltf are in right hand coordinates. Setting you scene with RH will make the imported gltf to not have a -1 scale.

scene.useRightHandedSystem = true;

It just resolves that import mesh with -1 scale.If i set the scale -1 manually,the result is correct now?It shows correctly,but it set rotation and scaling in another way.

Yes, I think so. If you want more control on the gizmo result, you can add an onDrag observable and ‘tweak’ the resulting angles/scaling.

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Yes,i add an dragObserver to change the gizmo result.I just think if the result should distinguish -1 and 1.Thanks for you reply. :smile:

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PR New flag to preserve scaling when using gizmos by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #12385 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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