Rotation gizmo rotation is different than normal rotation

Hey, im setting rotation of am imported glb file via model.rotation() function
But when im rotating the model using the gizmo its rotation coordinate system seems to change.
This is without rotation from gizmo

After rotation from Gizmo

As you can see for the same orientation the rotation values are coming different

Edit: I noticed the scale is changing to -1, why is it doing that? how can I avoid that?

Edit: Was able to fix the issue by setting scene.useRightHandedSystem = true resolving the -1 scaling on Z axis and in turn resolving the rotation issue

Just to explain why the -1 rotation exists, it’s because whenever we import a GLTF model into Babylon, we have to add this root node which converts from GLTF’s right handed system into Babylon’s left handed system :slight_smile:


Yea I get that part, issue was it was getting changed when I was using the rotation gizmo to rotate the model. Not sure if thats a bug.

It’s expected behavior when dealing with the inverse scale + rotation combo, when decomposing the new rotation, the signal that is flipped can change indeed