Migrating from WebVR to WebXR - WebXR not available

As Oculus Quest browser is not supporting WebVR anymore I am trying to migrate my WebVR experiences to WebXR. However running the PG WebXR examples on my local server is giving me errors: such as " Error initializing XR" and “WebXR not available” … Babylon.js v4.2.0-alpha.12 …
By the way I am using Microsoft Edge browser for my tests.
Am I missing something or is WebXR not yet stable ?

Thanks !

Could be I need to enable https on my local server …:wink:

pinging @RaananW

You’ve made the right choice! :slight_smile:

And yes, https is a must for XR.

Hi RaananW,
I checked unfortunately, even with https enabled I am still getting the errors.
Could it be the version of Babylon ? I am using Babylon.js v4.2.0-alpha.12 - WebGL1

Hi Dan,

What version of edge are you using to treat that? I just noticed you wrote WebGL1, but the new edge supports 2. Have you tried a different browser just in case?

And how is it in the quest?

I am using version -> Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 / Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362

Accessing PG WebXR demo : Babylon.js Playground
Gives me the error messages: " Error initializing XR" and “WebXR not available” … on my debug window (MS Edge browser).

In quest it works normal.
But I am not able to access debug window in quest to verify if any messages are displayed.

That’s because the old edge doesn’t support webxr update your edge to the newest and it will work (of course if you have a supported headset connected)

I will update Edge to the latest version and let you know.
Thanks !

Updated Edge to the latest version. All error messages cleared now … :+1:
Thanks for your help RaananW !

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