All XR demos throw error: The specified session configuration is not supported

When I try to run my webxr app (using quest link), I get the error: The specified session configuration is not supported.
This error also occurs on any of the BabylonJS XR demos which tells me that a setting somewhere is probably wrong, either in the headset (Oculus Quest 2) or in Chrome (or something similar).

Was hoping to see if anyone else has had this issue and could provide guidance?

@RaananW will be able to have a look tomorrow. I wonder why nobody else got the issue so far.

@Jack_Cordonnier can you share a webpage we can repro with ?

I don’t have a headset to test with but looking around it looks like you have to be part of the Oculus test channel to get the OpenXR runtime? Chrome Hardware Support - Immersive Web Developer Home

I have the issue even here (most generic xr demo of Babylon)

I understand that this may be more of a headset/oculus issue as opposed to a Babylon issue, but I have really be struggling for answers and thought this was a good place to turn.

Also, I have been able to use both the demos and the BabylonJS demos without issue for the past 8 months, and all of the sudden (I think after either a Oculus update, or a headset update) this issue cropped up and now I can’t enter VR at all.

This error occurs on both Chrome and Edge so I don’t believe it is a browser specific issue.

Both Chrome and Edge use Chromium so it might be some kind of new issue with the engine, and there was a very similar question today for the HTC Vive so this makes it even more likely :thinking:

An update: From scouring other forums, and from the experience of my team, it seems that updating the Oculus Desktop app from version 47.x to 49.x causes this issue. Some people on the Meta forums were talking about how this update broke some of the OpenXR interactions, which I believe is the runtime used with Chrome/Edge.

So if you have a meta Quest 2, do not update to 49.x for the Oculus desktop app


I hope they will address it soon ish if it is on their side :slight_smile:

Yep… sorry for not answering yesterday. Oculus will have to deal with it soon. Even an update that came recently didn’t fix it. downgrading to 47 is the only way to go…

Relief! … It’s not just me whew… I started seeing this problem just this week. On my code and the playground … via rift to pc. No issues in the Meta Browser

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I have a potential fix, for me it seems to be an issue with oculus OpenXR runtime, i switched it from using oculus to steamVR OpenXR and that fixed all of the webxr session errors for me and got it fully working again

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Yeah this works so thanks! … but is really just a bandaid for developers. And steam webxr isn’t running as well as oculus for me

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I just switched to Oculus Public Test Channel, and received Version 50. The WebXR issue is resolved.