Mikkt Normalmaps

Does Babylon support mikkt normalmaps?
They are kind of the industry standard.

There are a lot of diffrent normalmap flavours. Depending on the tangentspace they are synced with.

Are there any docs about the normalmaps Babylon does need?

ping @bghgary

Babylon.js supports custom tangents, so if tangents are supplied, you can use whatever tangent space you want.

The generated tangents are currently done in the fragment shader https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/blob/master/src/Shaders/ShadersInclude/bumpFragmentFunctions.fx#L23.

There is an issue on GitHub mikkt space and glTF · Issue #3345 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub which has some more info.

Thanks great info.
As long as we bake and export from maya everything is fine.


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