Mirror Texture Performance issue (FPS Drops)

Hello All!

I have a couple of models that I am rendering using Babylon locally. I have added a plane beneath the models and added a mirror texture to reflect the models. My issue is that I’m having around 35 FPS without the mirror effect, but after adding the mirror the FPS drops down to 10 and rotating the models becomes very slow.

I’m just unaware of what might be causing the problem, and how I might potentially solve it. I can’t show too much of the project, so it’s a bit hard for me to share a playground, sorry for that.

Some important notes to mention:

  1. I have 3 models to show, but only one at once, so whenever one is enabled, the other 2 are disabled
  2. The models use some emissiveness in their materials and also I’m using Bloom in the postprocessing, so im not sure if this is related to my problem.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Without a repro it will be hard for us to help.

You can try to disable the bloom effect to see if it is part of the problem.

You should also use the performance tab of Chrome (or any other browser) to see where the time is spent with and without the mirror.

Changing the Bloom didnt do much.

I’ll try assessing it using the performance tab as you mentioned.

Thank you.