Mirror with HDR reflection?

Here is the PBR floor with HDR reflection

Here is the floor with Mirror Texture with RenderList

Is there any way I can get both

  • roughnesses on the floor surface with HDR
  • a mirror effect

I want to get mirror reflection as well as the roughness PBR material.

Thank you in advance! Much appreciated.

This is a good question for @sebavan

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You should use a Reflection Probe for this, see doc.

Also, you should use a PBR material for your sphere (but that’s still working without it):


You need to be above the sphere to see the reflection in the plane:

It’s quite faint because of the bump texture and the value of the roughness. Without the bump texture and roughness very low:


I might also recommend the local cubemap features to ensure the sphere does not look like drifting as it is to close from the probe on a plane surface:



Thank you all of you guys! It is looking great.
However, based on the Mirror Texture, the sphere size seems to be oversize from its original and the reflection disappears when getting close to a plane surface. Is that related to the probe boundary size?

Yup, i agree it would be awesome to directly use the mirror but we unfortunately do not support it at the moment and I wonder how we could make it work :slight_smile: but that would be awesome !!!