Material noise on mobile


I am trying to test our babylon app on a mobile browser (Safari on iPhone XS Max, iOS 14.4.2). When I test the app in a mobile emulator in Chrome on my macbook pro, the materials appear fine. But when I test the app in Safari on my iPhone, the materials receive what seems to be noise and tearing when I rotate the model (an issue with draw calls or something?). I noticed that this issue is persistent across phones as well, not just mine. Although I think they might all be iPhones, not sure if it has been tested on an Android yet.

Has anyone has this issue and what did you do to resolve it? Thanks!

here is a comparison:

in emulator in Chrome on 2019 macbook pro:

in safari on mobile:

That looks like depth fighting to me (two meshes being at the same place or really close)

What is the scale of your scene? Can you try to reduce camera.maxZ or increase camera.minZ ?