Scene working of desktop browser but not in Android

Hi, Ive been working on a scene: A stadium with a ball animation. I saw that its working fine on desktop browser but on Android, the scene turns black in some sides and some parts are distorted. You can check the scene here:

What do you think the problem could be?

Thank you.

Nexus5 its work

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Which android device are you using?
It maybe worth trying to remove webgl2 support as Android devices may report incorrect support

Thank you Delta, but removing webgl 2.0 is a browser side solution? is there anything I can do with my code to solve this issue?

BTW I’m using Samsung J Series and some friends used Huawei and other models

Oh sorry, I should have added that info,
you can disable it when creating the engine:
Engine - Babylon.js Documentation (see engineOptions)

Thank you Delta, I’ll try it

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I tried disabling webgl2 support but the issue remains. Is there any other action I can take to solve it?
Jus in case I uploaded this scene to:

Thank you.

Hi. For me is working too. Xiaomi and Samsung S devices.
You can try this too
engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false;

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Thank you MarianG, I tried it but nothing happens.
Finally, I changed the exporter to v5.6 to export the scene again and it worked.
I’m not sure if this can count as answer.