Mobile GUI Improvements

Recently, I’ve inquired about several features or improvements in the BJS GUI, notably the following updates to text input controls:

  1. Support “multiline” capability.
  2. On mobile devices, support full input capabilities both with & without the device “popup text editor” (which is presently forced).
  3. Support full editor capabilities (e.g., home/end keys for text selection, tab navigation, etc.)
  4. Fix unresponsive InputText on mobile.

I am wondering what it would take to implement the above items. I talked with Darragh recently, and mentioned I would rather that one of you BJS gurus made the changes, but if that isn’t possible in a reasonable time frame, I would consider doing so.

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Adding @RaananW and @carolhmj who are now taking good care of the GUI :slight_smile:

We have an open pull request for a text area, which can be seen as multi line support:

Otherwise, great suggestions :blush:
We will need to find the time to look into them. We accept PRs, of course. We are always happy to see the community contributing to the repo.


For mobile devices, the Babylon native team, especially @PolygonalSun , is also working on this :smiley:

What is the status of InputTextArea? I can’t really tell from the comments there.

shouldn’t be long before it is merged. There are just some small issues that need to be resolved

I had mentioned to Darragh that I’d probably have implemented it as part of the InputText class, as that would seem to make the most sense. That said, perhaps I’d change my mind after getting farther into it. Looking forward to checking it out, and I’m happy to take a working version now rather than another month’s work on my plate! :slight_smile: