Model is fine in Sandbox but mirrored left/right in web page

I’m perplexed. The model display correctly in the Babylon Sandbox but when I load it into a web page, it’s mirrored left/right. I really don’t understand why it would be different. I assume that the Sandbox is doing something behind the scenes but it’s not really helpful because there’s no way to tell.
I would think that the examples they give would work the same as the Sandbox but they just don’t.
Also, the scale and rotation is different on the web but that was an easy fix.
I’m using the ArcRotatCamera and SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync, just the basics.
The documentation is a mess and the playground is no better. So many outdated, not working, obsolete items.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Not sure how this is constructive and can help improving things…

Nevertheless, The sandbox is not doing anything special regarding a model. It uses the same function you do. Maybe you could create a repro in the playground so that we can help addressing the issue.


Sandbox is open source so you can check by yourself: Babylon.js/sandbox/src at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

For playground, while I understand the frustration, this is user created content so we cannot guarantee that everything will work. A lot of people are hacking using PG and we are not curating the content

Please help us get better by pointing out issues instead of using the forum to spread your frustration


There is one more important thing you have left out - a reproduction of the issue. Care to share it with us?