Morph Targets broken in

Any morph target other than the 1st morph target doesn’t work.
The subsequent morph targets all seem to trigger the 1st morph target.
This is in

Can you share the glb file you’re using?

This one will show the issue.
Move the 1st morph target 0 to 1, then back to 0. Move the 2nd morph target from 0 to 1.
See that the 2nd morph target does the same thing the 1st morph target does.

Moving the 1st morph target to 1.0, then moving the 2nd morph target will cause the morphs to work properly ( I think )

On it!

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Bug found!
will be in next nightly!

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You are my hero! I cannot express in works just how important the sandbox babylon viewer is in my work life. Thank you a million times over!

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My pleasure honestly!