Where is source code of sandbox.babylonjs.com

I searched it in github respositories but cant found.
My interest is way to find all available morph targets in loaded gltf model from js-code.

I found in docs how use morph targets on generated models

But I need use morph from gltf.
And I tryed this code, where 'Shape3` is name of shape, but as I realize this feature in first argument must be not source mesh but new.

const shape3Morph = BABYLON.MorphTarget.FromMesh(model, 'Shape3', 0.5);

Hi @Dok11 welcome to the forum Babylon.js/sandbox at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

This topic may prove useful to you Morph Animation

Hi. Here are the morphtargets from inspector, if this help


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Wow! You save me! I realized this!

All morph target we can get are defined as count of targets in mesh.morphTargetManager.numTargets and in for loop we can interate them.
But one point — name of morph targets dont save from gltf file (or I didnt found them), but have in gltf section:

I need someone who has experience with sandbox JavaScript coding. If you can help me please message me or leave a reply its very important!! Thank you. (I dont know where else to go to find someone with experience with sandbox if someone can help me personally or point me in the right direction to find help that would be great!)