Mouse wheel operation failed in the ScrollViewer component in 4.2.0 version of Babylon.GUI

When I change my babylon code to the version 4.2.0,I cannot use mouse wheel to scroll the ScrollViewer component. Everything was just fine in the 4.0.0 version.

I find an example in the playground and it is normal.

Then I changed my code to the playground verison of babylon.gui.min.js which is also 4.2.0 verison. And I got an error which shows “Uncaught TypeError: i.getFontOffset is not a function”.

The “onWheelObservable” property in the “scrollViewer.ts” seems not been triggered. Only the “rootContainer” can get the mouse wheel event. Who knows what happened?

You should try with 5.0, I think a fix has been merged to make mouse wheel work with the scroll viewer component.

If it still does not work, you may need to provide a PG so we can have a better look.