ScrollViewer - MouseWheel not working


I have a ScrollViewer in my screne (and it’s working well). But ​the mouse-wheel isn’t recognized.
Is there something like a debug-function so see if my wheel is interacting with the ScrollViewer?

And onother question: Is there a way to set the scroll-position? I would like to click on a mesh and the ScrollViewer should scroll down a bit.


pinging @msDestiny14

Hey @jellix would you be able to create a playground for this?

For debugging questions there are lots of observables you can add. The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation Inside those you can put console.log()

Finally the last thing I’m going to add is this cool scroll viewer demo which I know has mouse wheel input. Hope this steers you in the right direction. When you have a playground you can send I can try to give better help for your specific case. :slight_smile:

Thanks so far … it always works in the playground.

In my project the scrollwheel still doesn’t work. I’ve reduced everything into a minimal new local project … still no scrollWheel … so I think that I either load a wrong babylon or GUI js-file or something is missing.
If somebody is interested … I’ve uplaoded my project setup here: (849 kb)

Would be nice to know why setup is not working linke the playground :slight_smile:

best regards


Just a side note, are you well using our latest preview as the playground does ?

Obviously I didn’t! :slight_smile:
Now it works!
Thanks a lot!