Mousewheelup or down ignores isPointerBlocked on GUI


Not sure if this is a bug tho. But I have a scene where I use hovering effect on certain meshes using GUI, on top of that at the start I have some kind of overlay GUI element. What happens if I have overlay visible and I hover over mesh than hovering GUI shows, which is solved by isPointerBlocker set to true. But when I hover over mesh and use mouseWheel it ignores that and shows hovering effect anyway. Here is a link

So go over the sphere and move mouseWheel up or down.

I know I can disable mousewheel totally or disable listening for hovering effects while overlay is visible. But I just wondered if there is a reason for this behavior.


yep this is “Expected”

mousewheel generate a move as well. But the GUI is not blocking wheel. It only block move, up and down.